Firearms and Toolmark Identification

Our experts consult on topics related to the examination of firearm and toolmark evidence. This includes the comparison of microscopic toolmarks on bullets, cartridge cases, and other ammunition components and may also include firearm function testing and operability, serial number restoration, muzzle-to-object distance determination, tools, and toolmarks.

Forensic Biology and DNA Analysis

Our experts consult on a wide array of serology and DNA related material including: presumptive and confirmatory testing of blood, semen, saliva, skin cells, and touch DNA evidence, criminal and civil paternity, DNA techniques including extraction, quantification, polymerase chain reaction (PCR), capillary electrophoresis, and robotics, complex mixture interpretation involving inclusions and exclusions of individuals from evidence, and statistical calculations. We will review case documentation produced by other laboratories, determine the strengths and weaknesses of the DNA evidence, give recommendations on DNA evidence that needs further testing, help with court preparation and presentation, as well as offer expert advice on the case as a whole utilizing years of experience as DNA analysts. Genetics is often a tricky subject area for attorneys, but not with the hands-on consulting of SFC.

Crime Scene Analysis and Reconstruction

Our experts consult on topics involving the proper recognition, collection and preservation of crime scene evidence including bullet trajectory analysis and techniques for the detection of latent bloodstains.

Mapping and reconstruction

Licensed and Insured! FAA certified. Our team specializes in industrial and commercial inspections, 3D mapping/modeling and real estate aerial photography.